How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?

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Many people believe their appearance would be greatly improved if they could upgrade their smile with porcelain veneers, though they are reluctant to proceed upon discovering the price. When answering the question, “how much do dental veneers cost, ” it is essential to take into account everything involved in getting them including the long term benefits. This way you’ll see the value is quite high.

Whether because of unfavorable stains, size, shape, or any other reason to consider getting veneers, the ultimate goal is almost always a better appearance. You can achieve dramatic results and the satisfaction you seek in only a few procedures, regardless of your particular situation.

It helps to learn more about dental veneers in order to better understand why they are so expensive. First of all, there are different types of materials of which veneers are made, resulting in a wide range of quality and pricing. Porcelain veneers are amid the highest in quality and price, which means they’ll last a very long time. Resin is another material used to make veneers and although lesser in quality and lifetime, are a more affordable alternative to higher end veneers like those made of porcelain. Although most decisions are made based on cost and preference, it is recommended you speak with your dentist about which type of veneers are most suitable for you.

How Much Do Dental Veneers CostAs you already know, pricing varies among different kinds of veneers. If you’re considering long lasting porcelain, you’re looking at $1000/tooth or more and will enjoy a beautiful smile for a minimum of 12 years. Resin veneers are much cheaper, starting at $300/tooth, though the exchange for a lower cost would be a much lower life span of roughly 6 years.

It generally takes just two to four trips to the dentist to have veneers applied. An initial meeting is held between you and your dentist for a routine check up of your dental health, followed by a discussion of specifics regarding color, shape, and size as well as a review of the steps involved. Basically this visit prepares both you and your dentist for the procedure.

Your next visit will be a little more painful than the first because your teeth need to be filed to your customized new shape. Your dentist will then apply a mold to your teeth upon which your veneers will be fashioned. The mold is sent to a laboratory (in house or off site) where the veneers are made and returned to your dentist somewhere between a couple of hours and a couple of days.

When the veneers are formed and ready, your dentist can apply them in your mouth and examine their shape and color to ensure they look absolutely genuine. Once you are satisfied, there is no waiting period or follow up visits, just a brand new smile!

The high dental veneers cost is of little importance to those who are aware of the rewards, which are a perfect smile, an enhanced appearance, and heightened confidence. They know no amount of money is too much for the long lasting satisfaction that is returned.

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