Justifying The Cost Of Veneers

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Your smile can play a big part in your life, from how you feel around others to your ability to get a job. There are several ways to correct these problems, and veneers are one of the most popular. Unfortunately, the cost of veneers is quite high. However, when you get them and you see what they can do, you’ll be glad to have spent the money on them.

There are many different reasons to get veneers, and all will help you feel better about yourself. Whether you want your teeth to look whiter or straighter, you’ll be able to find a solution. Better than that, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the effects are seen, with your yellow teeth reaching that whiter shade you want them to be in just a handful of visits.

Cost Of VeneersYou might wonder just why veneers are so expensive. Typically, it’s because they’re made of porcelain, which is the best material available for making them. These offer better quality and are longer lasting than resin veneers. But this latter type isn’t a bad option at all if you have less money. Your dentist can make a good recommendation.

The price variation is huge. A whole set of resin veneers can cost only around $1,500. However, porcelain veneers cost as much as a $1,500 per tooth or more. On the other hand, where resin veneers last around six years, the porcelain ones can last for as long as 20 and beyond.

Again, it won’t take long at all for you to get your veneers. This applies both to the number of appointments you will have to make and to how long those appointments will last. The first visit only involves some x-rays and talking about what you’re looking for. Teeth whitening may be part of the early procedure, so that you can get the whitest matching teeth.  You should come up with a plan with your dentist before going further and doing anything else.

The second trip is where your veneers are actually formed. To form your teeth the way you want them, your dentist will have to file them to the right shape. You will of course be given something for pain before this so the process will still be rather easy. Then a mold will be formed and you will have to wait some hours or days before the last visit.

When you return, your veneers will be ready. Your dentist will put them on for you and look at them with you. Once he has confirmed that everything is the way you wanted it in terms of shape and color, everything is ready to go. Once you’ve checked out, you’ll be able to leave with your new smile fully completed in what is often just a matter of days.

The high cost of veneers is understandably a turn off for some. However, if you can afford the procedure, you should certainly get it. When you smile at someone, it immediately sends an impression of yourself to that person. Knowing that you have nothing to hide does wonders for your self esteem too. You want to be sure that impression is the best it can be, and with veneers you’ll be sure to achieve that.

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