Reasons For the High Dental Veneers Cost

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Dental veneers have the ability to change your overall appearance by simply covering up those little dental imperfections that distort your smile. It is a form of cosmetic dentistry that many people need, but will never get due to the dental veneers cost.

Reasons that people decide to get veneers vary widely and include covering up uneven teeth, worn enamel, or general wear that is brought on with age. Each reason is cause for an unattractive look to the most attractive of smiles.

One factor for such a high dental veneer cost is the materials that they are made of. There are two different kinds of veneers, porcelain and resin. These materials are used by professional technicians to form the delicate veneers. Although the resin veneers are a bit less expensive, the porcelain veneers are by far longer lasting and more attractive.

The price for dental veneers is dependent on many factors. It will be adjusted to cover the types of procedure you are getting, the amount of damage that is needed to be covered, the material the veneers are made of, whether or not your insurance covers the procedure, and the dentist that you use.

Dental Veneers CostThe price for porcelain veneers can be quite expensive running around 1, 000 to 2, 000 dollars a tooth. These veneers will last on average about 11 years. Pricing for a set of nice quality resin veneers will run from 300 to 1, 000 dollars, and will last on average about 6 years.

The procedure for dental veneers is completed in a few visits to your dentist. You will first get an initial exam where the doctor will examine the condition of the teeth, and take x-rays of the teeth that will need to be covered. This first process is easily done and virtually pain free.

For the second part of the process a pain shot or anesthetic will be given to help alleviate any pain you might experience. The dentist will shape your teeth so that they are ready for the veneer fitting. A mold will be made and your veneers will be formed at a lab. If your dentist has to send out to a lab to get the veneers you may have to wait a few days to get them back. Your actual fitting will consist of the actual veneer fitting. The dentist may compare your veneers to color samples to make sure that they are the shade that you were expecting them to be. At this time you may want to consider teeth whitening so that you go with a whiter color. He will also go over the shape to make sure the veneers are meeting up to what you were wanting. When all of this is done, you will have a new smile and a whole new attitude.

Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to change the look of your smile, and makes you feel better at the same time. The service that is offered can help raise self esteem, while repairing dental imperfections that have been with you all of your life. You may find yourself shocked at the high price of veneer procedures, but the reason for high dental veneer cost will be evident to you when you see the difference in your smile.

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