What Do Lumineers Cost?

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Everyone wants to be seen as being attractive, however, when you smile is less then perfect it may be a good idea to look into a solution. One popular solution, lumineers are popular type of veneers that are utilized to correct a persons less then perfect smile. There are different factors that contribute to you being stuck with a less then ideal smile, such as worn or damaged teeth.  Thanks to lumineers you don’t have to be stuck, but what about the cost of lumineers?

Obtaining lumineers means you are taking one of the first pertinent steps in improving your appearance. People are turning more towards the concept of getting lumineers over traditional veneers for a few reasons.

Lumineers CostThe lumineers incorporate a thin porcelain, the overall make up of the teeth is what people are becoming fascinated with. Since the lumineers are made of this thin porcelain people do not have to subject themselves to having their teeth ground down for the lumineer to fit in place.

The procedure of getting the lumineers is completely different as opposed to getting veneers. Therefore since the procedure does not require as much dental work from your dentist, the procedure is less laborious. This brings down the lumineers cost, as far as application is concerned. So, getting lumineers may just save you time as well as money.

Prices do change from dentist to dentist, there is nothing that can detour this fact. The overall procedure may change as well, depending on the overall severity of your teeth. Some dentists may even steer you away from lumineers if you have severe problems with your teeth.  In this case this would be in your best interest, as the procedure would  serve you no justice and could prove costly.

By now, you are probably growing impatient to know what the actual price of the lumineers is. The round about figure lumineer cost can range anywhere from $700 to $1100 per veneer. Do not get baffled by that price, in fact lumineer prices are more than competitive when compared to that of traditional porcelain veneers.

Pricing often varies, but typically the above lumineer costs are all inclusive. Otherwise you may  also be responsible for other additional costs when you have the procedure performed. You may have to pay the cost of the lumineer,  as well as the doctors time and any utilization of the equipment that was used to help rectify your smile. Everything will be figured into a final bill for you, after the surgery has been completed. Regardless, your typical dental office will more often than not provide the total cost of veneers up front.

Obtaining lumineers has many great attributes. You do not have to go through the same painful procedure as you have to endure when you are getting veneers. And, the price can be cheaper when compared obtaining high end porcelain veneers. In fact, it has been stated that lumineers can be as low as 3/4 the price of veneers. So, you may have a cheaper and less painful alternative option to go with.

Putting a price on a smile, should never be done in any manner. Your smile is how people view you, and even has a lot of baring on how you view yourself. It’s hard to hide bad teeth from the world, because anytime that you speak or make an expression the obvious is apparent. Do not allow yourself to have to suffer with a less then perfect smile, ask your dentist if lumineers are a good fit for you today.

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